Kindle Superuser Review Copies

I have a few review copies of my new “Kindle Superuser” ebook to give away. These are review copies for people who will read the ebook and submit a review at Amazon. If you would like a free review copy please make sure you meet the requirements below.

Ebook Details

101 Kindle Tips & ShortcutsTitle:Kindle Superuser – 101 Ways To Get More From Your Kindle
Gary McLaren
Price: $0.99
Description: From the author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks” comes “Kindle Superuser”. Amazon’s Kindle 3 is a beautiful ebook reader and it is not surprising that readers love it so much. But did you ever notice that doing some things through the menu can involve a lot of steps? Most Kindle owners are astonished when they discover all the shortcuts and hidden features on this device.

Conditions to Receive a Free Review Copy:

  1. You must own a Kindle 3 (keyboard version). That’s what this ebook is all about!
  2. You must already have an account at Amazon so you can post a review.
  3. You agree to read this ebook and submit a review at Amazon within 2 weeks of receiving a free review copy.
  4. Your review copy will be provided in mobi format that you can open with your Kindle or Kindle App for PC.

That’s it! If you are still interested, please send an email to gary {at} altavado {dot} com with the subject “Kindle Superuser Review Copy”. If you have written any other reviews at Amazon you might like to include a link to your reviews – you can find that page by going to any one of your reviews and clicking on “See all my reviews”.

I will select a handful of reviewers from among the first people to reply.

Due to demand I do not expect to be able to individually reply to every person who requests a review copy. I will post an update on this page to advise when the offer is closed.

I do thank you for your understanding, and your interest!