An Introduction To Ebooks


2nd Edition, March 2013

2nd Edition, March 2013

Do you want to learn all about ebooks? More people are reading ebooks than ever before. Ebook sales have now overtaken paperback sales.

And that trend is expected to increase with the price of e-readers coming down. Amazon’s latest Kindles are available from as low as $79.

But if you are new to ebooks you probably have some questions. What is an ebook? What are the advantages of reading ebooks? How do you read them? Where are the best places to buy them? How can I try ebooks without an ebook reader?

The Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks” answers these questions and more, explaining all you need to know to start enjoying ebooks.

Why is everyone turning to ebooks? There are some very good reasons. For starters, ebooks are less expensive, environmentally friendly, delivered instantly, and very portable – you can carry a whole library around on a small device.

We are changing the way we read. More and more people are reading on screens instead of on paper. And thanks to ebooks, many people who hadn’t picked up a book in years are now rekindling a love of reading.

So forget paying more than twenty dollars for hardcover books and paperbacks! It’s time to read ebooks! And yes, you can still read ebooks if you don’t have an e-reader.

In “The Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks” you’ll discover:

  • What is an Ebook?
  • Why Read Ebooks?
  • How to Read Them?
  • What about Ebook Formats?
  • The Popular Ebook Readers
  • The Best Ebook Stores
  • and more!

Are you looking for some good deals on ebooks? There are also some excellent tips and shortcuts for finding bestsellers, 99 cent ebooks, uncovering time-limited specials and downloading free ebooks.

The author, Gary McLaren, is an avid reader and is no newcomer to ebooks. He has been publishing his own ebooks online for ten years already and currently manages several web sites for writers.


“I am a writer and I just bought your ebook…
 It’s great! I wanted to let you know I will recommend it.”
~ Connie Berridge


“This is packed with info which I knew about and a lot of stuff I didn’t. Great resource. After I was done reading it, I filed it away with my Kindle manual. This is one book that’s not getting Archived. I’ll definitely be going back to it as a reference tool.”
~ Dare I Say, Chicago

“Written simply and clearly, no gobbledegook, no heavy jargon. Fairly addresses all the major formats and readers. Especially good are the pages of handy links to free and low cost ebooks. There’s something to learn here even for old hands. Every newcomer should read it twice.”
~ Holly Ingraham, Honolulu

“The information about eBooks is incredibly useful for people contemplating switching from reading dead trees to digital. The guide is not overly technical at all, and it is very oriented toward the most important person in the digital revolution – the reader/customer.”
~ Paul Salvette, Bangkok

You Don’t Need A Kindle or E-Reader To Read This!
If you purchase this ebook now through this web site
you can download all of the following versions immediately:
PDF version to read on any computer, plus ePub
and Mobi versions to read on other e-reading devices.

2nd Edition, March 2013

2nd Edition, March 2013

The Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks

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  1. I bought this book and loved it so much I bought a copy for a friend of mine too! Excellent tips and info and well, well worth the $2.99 price. Thanks for making the process simple for me!

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